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DK-8720L dehumidifier
720L/D dehumidification capacity
700-900㎡ applicable
Powerful dehumidification
Automatic defrost
Energy-saving purification
Silent dehumidification

rank in the field

It is a large-scale industrial dehumidifier manufacturer in China, and its products have obtained 3C, CQC, CE, GS, ISO9001 and other certifications.

Team strength

A professional technical consultant team provides you with professional and efficient humidity control solutions, saving you a lot of manpower and material resources, and making you more assured and trouble-free.

Practical experience

Many years of rich practical experience and more than 100,000 industry customer cases are trustworthy.

Quality service

Satisfying customer needs and improving the air environment for people's lives and work has been our direction.

National Free Service Hotline: 180-3833-7658

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DK-8720L dehumidifier

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