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After-sales service

1. From the date of sale, Yipusen products can enjoy a free warranty for one year (the compressor is guaranteed for three years) with a valid invoice. If the effective warranty period is exceeded, repairs will be charged according to the prescribed charging standards;

2. National service hotline for repair, consultation and complaint: 400-9699361 provides 365-day hotline service;

1.1 All products belonging to the Epson series shall implement the latest three guarantees service policy in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the country and the company.

1.2 Users who present a valid invoice, repair card or valid purchase certificate can enjoy free warranty service.

The 1.3-Yipson series products are usually used for industrial and commercial purposes. The compressors are guaranteed for 1 year for 3 years, and for household products, the compressors for 3 years are guaranteed for 5 years. Some customized non-standard products are subject to the sales contract commitment letter.

1.4 If there is a conflict between the user's product manual or the warranty period originally promised, the valid original promise description shall prevail.

1.5 If there is any change during the product warranty process, the notice shall prevail.

1.6 If the user cannot provide the purchase date certificate or warranty card, the warranty period shall be postponed 3 months after the original factory date or factory code. If the repaired product has no factory code, factory date or ambiguity, and private modification of the number, it will not be guaranteed.

1.7 Failures caused by user negligence, maintenance, or improper maintenance are not covered by the warranty.

1.8 Appearance of outer shell parts due to natural pollution is not covered by the warranty.

1.9 The product has corrosive gas, calcification phenomenon, and excessive environmental dust due to the use environment of the product parts, and the use of the product in a high-temperature environment causes a failure is not covered by the warranty.

1.10 Warranty cards and those with altered or inconsistent purchase dates will not be guaranteed.

1.11 Damage caused by other natural disasters irresistible is not a free warranty.

1.12 Repairs beyond the warranty period will not be provided.

1.13 The power cord is incorrectly installed due to the abnormal voltage, and the damage caused by the wiring standards that do not meet the relevant specifications will not be covered by the warranty.

1.14 Warranty shall not be granted for damages or accidents caused by dismantling, modification, and repair by non-manufacturer after-sales designated maintenance service unit without the manufacturer’s consent.

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